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Sustainable living, NZ style

The Glen Eden CSA Project

CSA members harvesting

Members helping with the weekly harvest at a grower’s farm

Peasants NZ is helping to start up a CSA in Glen Eden, Waitakere. For an outline of the concept read this: | What is a CSA? … and visit our Pinterest board for items from working CSAs.

Initial steps for this CSA’s committee include gathering a list of community members; presenting a deposition to the Waitakere Local Community Board; funding applications; and creating a legal structure for the organisation (i.e. charitable trust).

The Glen Eden CSA project has a great deal of support from local residents, organisations and from the Auckland Council. To get it off the ground will mean finding enough growers, orchadists and/or landowners with arable land suitable for organic growing.

This idea appeals to different people for all kinds of good reasons. If you would like to contribute or participate please subscribe to our mailing-list for more membership information and project updates — as it happens: | Join Here


Seven Springs CSA

Seven Springs is a 10-acre farm located just a few kilometres west of Waitakere, West Auckland. The land is north-facing, well watered (hence the name) and easily accessible. At present less than a quarter of the property is in production, all organically managed.

They have become experts in growing and seed-raising quite a wide variety of vegetables, exploring the local palette.

In 2011 they added a CSA component to their marketing operation. This concept has been slow to catch on in NZ but is flourishing in other supermarket-dominated food economies around the world.  At this stage their subscribers must pickup produce at the farm itself. Larger CSAs usually do home deliveries.

These guys are keen to spread the word and enjoy having visitors who are interested in growing food organically to come and look over their operation.

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Wairarapa Eco Farm


CSA members enjoying a Farm-Day lunch

This CSA, started by a Dutch couple in 2009, comprises a farm and a separate orchard, both near Masteron. They have a roster system for casual labourers who work for 4 hours a week in exchange for a large fruit and veggie bag (a large bag feeds a family of two adults and two children). They are also members of the local community currency exchange, Wairarapa Green Dollars, allowing casual workers to be paid entirely in Green Dollars, or part Green Dollars and part veggies. WWOOFers can stay there – for a minimum 6-week term – in exchange for accommodation and food during their stay.

More about: | Wairapara Eco Farm



Wilderland is owned and operated by Wilderland Trust (a charitable trust of New Zealand) and actively pursues the Objectives set-out in the Wilderland Trust Deed.

Key Aims:
Education, Sustainability, and Community

Wilderland is sited amongst valleyed hillsides of regrowth native bush. It comprises a community of resident volunteers working together to create an inspiring environment and guiding visitors through various rewarding experiences to explore, learn, share, and develop themselves.

With a diverse range of organic orchards, gardens and grain crops it showcases a variety of sustainable horticultural practices, such as Permaculture and Biodynamics. The crops provide healthy organic food for both the Wilderland community and the local community, and is is a popular venue and host for educational workshops, seminars, youth events, retreats, and more.

Many crafts are studied and practiced at Wilderland: woodwork, metalwork, mechanics, pottery, building, cooking, and healing.

Visit – stay a few days
  • An amazing opportunity to experience, teach, learn, and develop Organic Horticulture, Land Stewardship, an array of Trades and Crafts, Community Development, Cooperative Organisation, and Local Economy.
  • A way of making a personal contribution towards a sustainable future.

Enquiries about visiting: