NZ-led ‘Twitter’ storm

NZ-led ‘Twitter’ storm

There’s a storm brewing on June 18th. It’s not a usual storm, but a Twitter storm, bearing the hashtag #endfossilfuelsubsidies and it’s heading for Rio de Janiero.

As world leaders gather for the UN’s Rio+20 Conference on the environment, we’ll be mobilising to send them a message. We will deliver the results of around a million signature strong fossil-fuel subsidies petition offline — and we’ll be making A LOT of noise online to really drive home this point.

Our goal is to deliver tens of thousands of messages to world leaders so they know we demand action—and if we get enough support, we might even hit the Guinness World Record for “most widespread social network message in 24 hours.” using the hashtag #endfossilfuelsubsidies.

Join in the twitter storm here – join the 350 Social Media Team and help make our message unignorable.


Every year governments around the world spend between $750 billion to $1 trillion dollars in subsidising fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency says that we could achieve half the world’s required emission reductions by eliminating these fossil fuel subsidies.

In New Zealand

Here in New Zealand, our government took a positive step and spearheaded the “Friends of Fossil Fuel subsidies reform” to encourage countries around the world to remove these huge annual fossil fuel subsidies.

But, they’ve also been supporting the big oil companies to the tune of $25 million over the past two years to help them find places to drill for oil in our oceans too – not cool. Check out the info sheet on the right for more details.

Click here to see a larger format of 
this info sheet

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