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It’s no secret that the world’s wealth has nwo accumulated into the hands of a few at record levels. Those with this wealth create conditions and policy which benefits their kind at whatever cost to the rest of us and the environment.

The media with which we are inundated, the institutions upon which we rely and even the very food we eat are part of a system that exists solely to profit the few. Dissidents are not tolerated, whether in the form of “radical” voices which are easily drowned out or as rogue whistleblowers whom must be crushed.

You won’t stand for it

If we believe that selfishness is not the root of all human existence – that the few should not enjoy impunity and dominance over the many – then we must continue to spread another view of normalcy. To restore the Earth we need to restore ourselves. The sustainability of life on Earth requires that humans adopt certain structures of relationship to it.

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Together with the worldwide peasant organisation La Via Campesina (LVC) we promote the necessity for and development of sustainable (organic) food, the self-organising of the landless1 and the poor 2; and the small-holders3 of New Zealand.

  1. all evictable people, ie. rentpayers and mortgagees
  2. struggling wage-workers, beneficiaries and the jobless
  3. those growing chemical-free food for income and family


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