NZ Food Labelling

Food Labelling needs to be supported by law

(Press release NZ Greens, 25 Jul 2012): New Zealand’s current labelling laws do not give consumers the information they want and need to make good purchasing decisions, the Green Party says.

Shoving it back where it came from

This November (2012) Californian voters will have the opportunity to insist on labelling of genetically-modified (GM/ GMO) foods in their stores. Big chemical and GMO powerhouses Monsanto and DuPont are spending millions there to convince voters that this is a bad idea.

Why should you care if you don’t live in California or the U.S?
Because California is the world’s eighth largest economy, and decisions made there often have wide-reaching impact in other places. In fact, this is a very big contest in defining the history of humanity. Annie Spielberg, initiator of the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012 has written about the implications in the Huffington Post.

Pamm Larry, founder of this grassroots movement and the Committee For the Right to Know, says … “The bottom line is Californians have a right to know what’s in the food we eat and feed our children. It’s time to send a strong, direct message to those who govern us, whether they be agency or elected, that we want genetically-engineered foods labeled.”

At all costs …

What can I do ?

Increasingly what affects the legislative process in NZ has filtered across from the U.S. – through the global empire-building efforts of their transnational corporations. We recommend that you become effective in countering their attacks by adopting the inverse process – i.e. take up global citizenship in the U.S.
Once you have done this you will be able to assist remotely with a wide range of grassroots one-click-to-vote petitions.

1. Become a global citizen in the U.S. See our Projects page.

2. Vote on Prop 37 at the Californian Right to Know petition, here.

3. If you live in Auckland go and see the documentary ‘Genetic Roulette:The Gamble of Our Lives‘.
Visit LocalWatch for a screening time.


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  1. Piet says:

    It sure is about time that clear and unambiguous information, (as to
    where our food comes from, what’s been done to it/added to it and how
    it’s produced), was included in ALL labels on food sold in NZ.

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