Again, a world enslaved by commercial interests – Dr. Rath

Again, a world enslaved by commercial interests – Dr. Rath

(Germany, 13th March 2012): At the Cancer Free World conference in Berlin  Dr. Rath called on the people of Germany and Europe to take responsibility for building a democratic Europe for the People and by the People.

Describing how widely available scientific research on natural remedies already makes it clear that the incidence of common diseases can now be reduced to a fraction of their current occurrence, he explained how the building of a new global health care system, based on the prevention and elimination of diseases, is now possible.

In the following segment Dr. Rath highlights the role of the Finance/ Pharma Cartel and its political stakeholders within the Brussels-EU politburo, addressing their grab for global domination and warning the world that Europe has already hosted two global empire-building attempts of dire and tragic consequence. (sub-titled, 15min.)

Dr. Rath goes on that this stunning “world without disease” will not be handed to us on a plate, because each disease represents a billion dollar market for the Pharma Cartel. As such, if we want to create a world without disease for us and our children, we must all act now.

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