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Day of Peasant Struggle

Day of Peasant Struggle

17 April 2015: International Day of Peasant and Farmer Struggle against Transnational Companies and Free Trade Agreements

April17 poster 2Peasant and farmers are persecuted and suffer violence on a daily basis as a result of the actions of agribusiness and the implementation of neoliberal policies in the countryside. For the International Peasant and Farmer Movement, it is urgent to speed up the approval of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and other people living in rural areas. The Declaration will be a tool to support the struggle for life and dignity in the countryside.

Since 1996 – in honour of the 19 landless peasants massacred in Brazil – the International Peasant Movement has celebrated this global day of action and mobilization. It is a day to celebrate and strengthen people’s solidarity and resistance, and to deepen the alliance between city and countryside in support of a societal project based on social justice and the dignity of peoples.

We, the women and men peasants and small-scale farmers, indigenous peoples, afro-descendants, and landless people of the world are struggling to build a model of production based on peasant and small-scale agriculture and food sovereignty. Free Trade Agreements run counter to this project; they further increase the displacement, expulsion, and disappearance of peasants by promoting a capitalist industrialised mode of production heavily reliant on agrochemicals. These agreements are negotiated under the influence, and for the interests, of a handful of transnational corporations; the voice of the people is excluded.

Peruvian peasant harassed by Newmont Mining

Peruvian farmer Máxima Acuña who, after being  beaten, robbed and sentenced to prison, won the lawsuit brought against her by mining behemoth Newmont over her property. The company sought her land to build its proposed Conga mine in Cajamarca, but an appeals court ultimately denied its claim to ownership of the land. The court decisionContinue Reading

Monsanto, keep out of India

Monsanto, keep out of India

India’s food crops are currently GMO-free — but that could change if we don’t act now to stop Monsanto: Monsanto’s business model is simple: get farmers locked into its genetically-engineered, pesticide-resistant seeds. Force those farmers to buy new seeds every year — or get sued. And sell them massive amounts of pesticides to spray on thoseContinue Reading

World Day of Action For Food Sovereignty

Mozambique: peasant backlash in corporate paradise

The ProSavana Master Plan* lays out several business opportunities for companies to invest in and get huge projected returns of between 20%-30% per year. Companies that invest will be able to tap a $2 billion Nacala Fund that is being financed by governments and investors in Japan and Brazil. Although details of this fund areContinue Reading

No to ProSavana

No to ProSavana

(August 2014:, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe): At the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) People’s Summit the Mozambique Union of Farmers, (UNAC), regionalised its “NO To ProSavana” campaign. ProSavana is a mega agri-business project involving Brazil and Japan located in Mozambique. The project, if developed, aims to turn 14.5 million hectares of agricultural land in the Nacala CorridorContinue Reading

GRAIN Report

A new report from GRAIN1 offers a deep analysis of the data available on agricultural systems and food production internationally The report, Hungry for land: small farmers feed the world with less than a quarter of all farmland makes six central conclusions … 1. that the peasantry continue to be those who, on small areasContinue Reading

Great Grabs of Africa

African governments are in the spotlight for their role in the continent’s land grabs which has seen millions of acres end up in the hands of private investors.  Latest reports by a US-based think-tank, Oakland Institute, show that Western transnational corporations and Eastern countries such as China and India have played a big role inContinue Reading

Wilderland Turns 50

Wilderland is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year on Saturday the 29th of March we invite you to come join us for an open day at Wilderland (Comers Rd, Whitianga) to see what we’re about, have a look around, catch up with old friends from our long history, eat, chill, and enjoy loads of greatContinue Reading