Agrarian Rural Urban Synthesis

 AgRUS is an experiment in Community Building

For people who see sustainable living as a priority, finding others with similar values is encouraging. AgRUS provides a platform to develop that into cooperative projects: especially for - but not limited to - people aiming to migrate into a rural/ semi-rural setting.

AgRUS offers an online space for networking to form closed or open communities of interest and solidarity, and to share resources for dealing with the overlapping issues of food, land and community that arise.

Read the Introduction to AgRUS for more

1. Access to some content or groups on this site is by membership level, coursework, or invitation only.
2. We encourage members to use our Facebook page to express their views on world affairs. and reserve this site for related work-group and personal interactions.

This is yet at a very early stage -- there is plenty of opportunity for getting involved.

We hope you will join us

What can I find here?

  • GROUPS - join or create one
  • CONTACTS - network, meet, visit
  • RESOURCES - access, share, offer
  • COURSES - sustainability issues.

The Six Sides of Sustainable Living

. . . each optimises the others

  • sustainability: the principles found in natural systems
  • food & health: organic, local, ripe, fresh, preparation
  • land stewardship: ownership, productivity, soil & water
  • community: economic & social integration, education,
  • self-discipline: social & personal integrity, vocational
  • spiritual purpose: meditation & prayer, yoga, study ...